True Intelligent Automation requires
multiple disciplines. We have mastered them all.

The Intelligent Automation services in the Digital Operations Factory (DOF) can be segmented by the type of skills employed to deliver the service. Technically, these fall into four main categories: robotic process automation, business process , integrations, and emerging technologies (AI, Machine learning etc.).

30+Skills and Growing

Check out the skills used across

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Business Process Analysis
Integrations (APIs)
Emerging Technology (AI, ML)

See how we use all these disciplines to deliver value in the Digital Operations Factory (DOF). Learn if your organization is ready for these technologies by creating a playbook.

How we excel?


We provide a full Intelligent Automation team so you don't have to.


We have developed a 14 step lifecycle for delivering repeated success.


You can scale up and down on your engagement size at anytime.


Zero upfront technology cost makes it risk free to try out Intelligent Automation.


We align cost with the value you receive so you are not left with what you don't need.

Our company

We work and innovate tirelessly
so you can achieve operational excellence and develop new revenue streams


In addition to an average of 70% increase in operational effeciency across workflows placed in the DOF, ee help our clients save over millions in time, reduced cost, and increased quality .
We have also helped our clients generate even more in new revenue streams made possible by our services.

We define operational excellence as getting to the apex of time, cost, and quality. We help companies do things faster, cheaper, and better through the use of Intelligent Automation driving digital transformation.

In short, we use Intelligent Automation, combined with other emerging technologies (AI, Machine learning) to make companies more efficient. Clients also use our services to create new revenue streams that were once unfeasible without our digital transformation services.

For example, our flagship service, the Digital Operations Factory, moves digital transformation initiatives from CAPEX to OPEX by solving the issue of huge upfront cost by utilizing a subscription model.

Simply, we work with everyone!
All our products and solutions are available at various tiers, allowing us to serve businesses of all sizes.

Our prices support companies as small as ten (10) employees to large enterprise companies with thousands (1000s). Revenue does not matter either, our pricing plans allow even the smallest organizations to take advantage of digital transformation.